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Product List Global Products Product Categories Botanical applications Solar Control Thermal Insulation Fire Protection Noise Control Safety/Security Self-Cleaning Decoration Glass Systems Health Applications Special Applications Solar Energy Botanical applications Glass solutions aimed at boosting crop growth. Pilkington Botanical™ Range

Pilkington Botanical launched to boost growth in greenhouses

Pilkington Botanical™ provides the perfect solution for greenhouses, conservatories and winter gardens. It includes a wide range of glass solutions dedicated to protect, enhance and facilitate better propagation and crop growth, as well as options to toughen, bend or laminate.

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Special Applications - Pilkington

Pilkington AviSafe™. Pilkington AviSafe™ is a glass solution that uses a unique patterned UV enhanced coating to disrupt reflections, providing a visible barrier to birds and preventing collisions.. Pilkington Anti-Condensation Glass. Pilkington Anti-Condensation Glass is specially developed to prevent the onset of condensation on high performance thermal insulation glazing.

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High light transmission glass with a lower iron content also improves light levels. e.g. Pilkington Optiwhite™. 10 How do high performance solar control coatings work? The coatings can be selective on the wavelengths of solar radiation (light and heat) that they transmit and reflect.

Solar Energy - Pilkington

Our range of solar glass products is designed and optimised to suit the requirements of various solar technologies with properties such as high solar energy transmittance, strength and durability, as well as additional functionalities like transparent conductive oxide coatings, anti-reflective coatings and sodium barrier layers.

Window Energy Ratings - Pilkington

Glass specification Window Energy Ratings take into account both the positive (solar gain) and negative (heat loss) aspects of the glazing used.

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Pilkington Botanical launched to boost growth in greenhouses. 27 January 2022. NSG Group has launched a new range of glass products focused specifically at the horticultural market. Tags:

Solar Control - Pilkington

How it works Glass manages solar heat radiation by three mechanisms: reflectance, transmittance and absorptance. These are defined as follows: Reflectance – the proportion of solar radiation reflected back into the atmosphere. Direct transmittance – the proportion of solar radiation transmitted directly through the glass.

Social Greenhouse - Pilkington

For its construction, special glass from the Pilkington Botanical™ range was used. This new product range has been developed for the growing market of greenhouse technologies and provides perfect solutions for conservatories and greenhouses. The Koćmierzów Manor House

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