Pilkington Toughened Glass

Pilkington Toughened Glass is a safety glass up to five times stronger than ordinary glass of the same thickness. Because of its increased strength, Pilkington Toughened Glass allows architects and builders far greater scope in their use of glass in buildings.

Pilkington Texture Glass

The glasses can be supplied in toughened or laminated form for safety and incorporated into Insulating Glass Units for thermal insulation or noise control. Pilkington Texture Glass is translucent, transmitting diffused light whilst maintaining privacy.

Pilkington Enamelled Glass

Pilkington Enamelled Glass Enamelled is offered in many most popular standard RAL colours. A wider range of RAL colours is available upon request, but subject to minimum quantity ordered. Pilkington Enamelled Glass is a stylish range of colour backed decorative toughened glass, created for both outdoor and indoor use.

Decoration - Pilkington - First in Glass

Pilkington Enamelled Glass is a stylish range of colour backed decorative toughened glass with ceramic paint fired into the glass surface. Pilkington Design Glass. Pilkington Design Glass is a toughened enamelled glass, with an anti-scratch surface, available in a wide range of colours.

Pilkington Optifloat™ Tint - Pilkington - First in Glass

The range of thicknesses available enable glass to be used where superior strength, greater spans, reduced deflection, higher daylight transmission and enhanced noise suppression are required. Pilkington Optifloat™ Tint can be toughened or laminated or used in Insulating Glass Units.

Pilkington Plateau™ - First in Glass

Pilkington Plateau™offers following benefits: high quality base float glass manufactured to strict flatness tolerances, glass thickness tolerance maintained at a high level along with the wedge of the glass to provide a high tolerance glass mould, high strength glass (toughened) ensuring safety during use and longevity of the mould,

Pilkington Optilam™ - First in Glass

Pilkington Optilam™ 6,4 is the most widely used thickness for protecting people against risk of accidental injury giving Class 2(B)2 performance to EN 12600, can be combined with other Pilkington products in an Insulating Glass Unit (IGU) e.g. combine with a Pilkington Toughened Glass outer pane to provide excellent overhead glazing protection,

Thermal Comfort - Pilkington - First in Glass

Pilkington Sundym™ is a neutralised green suite of glasses that blend with the green front door glass to allow both a design choice and an improvement to solar loading. In a vehicle equipped with Pilkington Sundym™ , the heat entering the rear of the vehicle is reduced by 45 per cent when compared to that at the front of the car.

Automotive Glazing - Pilkington - First in Glass

Automotive glass production includes pre-processing, toughening, laminating, encapsulation, extrusion and assembly, adding functionality. Float Glass. The float glass process, developed by Pilkington in 1952, is now the world standard for high quality glass production.

Pilkington Eclipse Advantage™ - Pilkington - First in Glass

Overview. Pilkington Eclipse Advantage™ is a range of high performance solar control on-line coated clear or body-tinted glass, with unique colours and low-emissivity properties.. Specifically designed for use in countries with a warm climate, well-suited to both commercial facades and residential applications, the products offer unique colour options for original and innovative architecture ...