Noise Control - Pilkington

Noise control glass reduces the noise inside a building to acceptable levels without sacrificing daylight.

Noise control - Pilkington

If you live near a busy road, railway line or under a flight path you might wish to use glass to reduce the noise to an acceptable level. There are various ways this can be achieved depending on the reduction required including the use of specially developed laminated glass.

Frequently Asked Questions - Noise Control

This is an adjusted measurement of noise that takes into account the human sensitivity to the perception of the nuisance of noise by frequency. Certain frequencies irritate more than others. As an example think of fingernails dragging across a blackboard.

Noise control glazing: it’s all so quiet - Pilkington

In a bid to block out the noise from the busy streets and skies, local authorities increasingly recognise the need to provide better sound insulation in their residents’ homes. Noise control glazing: it’s all so quiet

Pilkington Insulight™ Phon

Pilkington Insulight™ Phon is a proven and tested solution to the problem of noise control. The enhanced sound insulation of Pilkington Insulight™ Phon insulating glass units is made possible through the use of:

Specifying for protection: Safety and Security Glass

Laminated glass with enhanced acoustic performance such as Pilkington Optiphon™ can also provide increased levels of protection from noise pollution should a housing development be located near to a source of noise disturbance, such as a building site or a busy road.

Solar Control - Pilkington

Noise Control. Pilkington Optiphon ... Ingredients can readily be added to the melter to control the wavelength and percentage of radiation transmitted or absorbed by the finished product. Cobalt and nickel, ferrous and ferric iron, cerium and titanium are all used to control transmission of infrared or ultraviolet waves to differing degrees ...

SmartWindows indeed

Developed by PHYSEE, the “SmartWindow” contains sensors that measure data, such as light, air quality and temperature - information that is used to optimally cool, heat and/or illuminate buildings. When integrated into NSG Group’s IGUs the possibilities with regard to comfort, noise control, safety and security, are virtually endless.

Safety Security - Pilkington

Pilkington Optilam™. Pilkington Optilam™ is the brand name for our laminated glass range ideal for providing both impact resistance and security since it may break on impact but the glass is held in place thus preventing injury or intrusion.. Pilkington Toughened Glass. Pilkington Toughened Glass is a safety glass up to five times stronger than ordinary glass of the same thickness.

Solar control - Pilkington

Air conditioning has to control the solar load on the building as well as all the heat generated internally. By reducing the solar gain with solar control glass the air conditioning plant can be smaller and cheaper to run. The savings more than offset the additional cost of solar control glass.