NSG TEC™ for Technical Applications - Pilkington

NSG TEC™ 7 offers the lowest resistivity value in the NSG TEC™ range. Combined with relatively low haze, it can be used for a wide range of applications, NSG TEC™ 20, NSG TEC™ 35, NSG TEC™ 50, NSG TEC™ 70 and NSG TEC™ 250 are used in heated glass applications. Compatible with different power sources, these products combine thermal ...

Overview - Pilkington

NSG TEC™: The original ITO replacement. NSG TEC™ is a glass with transparent conducting oxide based on fluorine doped tin oxide (FTO). It is produced by atmospheric pressure chemical vapour deposition (AP-CVD) during glass manufacture. Can be thought of as a flat, transparent, multi-functional wire:

NSG TEC™ for Solar Applications - Pilkington

NSG TEC™ Product Range . The NSG TEC™ products have a range of haze and sheet resistances that enables them to meet the needs of most thin film photovoltaic technologies, such as perovskite, cadmium telluride and dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC). They are available in both standard Clear and low iron glass substrates.

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NSG TEC™ products are a perfect option for touch screen cover lites where a TCO coating is required. Our range of NSG TEC™ products provide excellent performance at a competitive price point. NSG TEC™ glass is very durable and robust. For capacitive and resistive touch screens, a transparent conductor is needed.

Product range - Pilkington

There are a variety of NSG TEC™ products to meet your specific needs, including: NSG TEC™ 15. The best choice in balancing low sheet resistance and optical transmission. Useful for solar and electrochromic technologies, as well as applications requiring passive condensation control and thermal performance with low emissivity and clear ...

Technical performance

NSG TEC™ Conductivity. Notes: CVD coating on glass. Glass is reference - Glass is 100%. NSG TEC™ Durability. NSG TEC™ has outstanding durability to acids and other chemicals, as well as to thermal processing. FTO is an incredibly hard and durable material; Stable up to softening point of glass; Durability means chemical etching is not ...

Innovative NSG TEC™ glass wins MADE Awards 2023

NSG TEC™ ‒ the active glazing. NSG TEC™, developed and manufactured by NSG Group, is a transparent low-emissivity glass with electrically conductive properties. Thanks to them, glass is perfect for heating your home, complementing or replacing a traditional heating system.

Commercial refrigeration - Pilkington

Installed in double glazing, NSG TEC™ offers excellent thermal transmission values that limit heat dispersion and allow energy savings; it also controls condensation on the glazing. The glass types mainly used for this application are: NSG TEC™ 6, NSG TEC™ 10, NSG TEC™ 15. Active refrigeration

Features and benefits - Pilkington

NSG TEC™ range offers following benefits: electrically conductive for use as an electrode, heated and thermal control, electrostatic dissipation and reduced transmittance of electromagnetic radiation; available in a variety of glass thicknesses and sheet resistances ranging from 6 ohms/sq. up to several thousand ohms/sq;

NSG TEC™ for Technical Applications -

NSG TEC™ offers a wide variety of thermal and heated glass performance properties, whilst increasing light transmittance and optimising electrical conductivity.

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