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NSG TEC™ meets the requirements of a wide range of applications, such as heated glass for commercial refrigeration, heat reflecting, electrochromics, appliance glass, computer screens, touch screens, static control, thin film photovoltaics, EMI/RFI shielding or other electro-optical and insulating applications.

Overview - Pilkington

NSG TEC™ is a glass with transparent conducting oxide based on fluorine doped tin oxide (FTO). It is produced by atmospheric pressure chemical vapour deposition (AP-CVD) during glass manufacture. Can be thought of as a flat, transparent, multi-functional wire: wire that pushes current into a device, wire that can be used as a sensor,

NSG TEC™ for Solar Applications - Pilkington

NSG TEC™ is a group of products, including a comprehensive range of TCO glass (Transparent Conductive Oxide coated glass), optimised to suit a variety of thin film photovoltaics, with different haze and conductivity levels.

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NSG TEC™ Product Range Each of our products within the NSG TEC™ range is targeted at a particular thin film photovoltaic technology. The NSG TEC™ descriptive names indicate the technology to which the products are most suited as well as the corresponding technical values.

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NSG TEC™ - a range of low-emissivity glasses with a pyrolytic on-line electric conductive coating of special qualities. Pilkington Activ™ Blue Pilkington Activ™ Blue combines both self-cleaning glass and medium solar control properties, in an attractive blue or bronze body-tinted glass.

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Powered by NSG TEC™ insulating glass units such as Pilkington Insulight™ HeatComfort, now become a heating element in addition to its the well-known properties. Product features and benefits: the technology can be used in practically every type of insulating glass, such as HR++ and triple,

Glass Technology - Pilkington

NSG Group is a technology leader in glass. The Float Process, invented by Sir Alastair Pilkington in 1959, is used throughout the world to produce high quality glass for buildings and vehicles. Over the past fifty years the Group can claim to have been responsible for almost every major advance in glass technology.

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* Room-side temperature = 27˚C, refrigeration temperature = 4˚C. ** Condensation along the room-side glass surface away from the frame when the relative humidity (RH) within the room is greater than the value noted.

Powered by NSG TEC™ - Pilkington

Powered by NSG TEC™ Overview Discover the wide range of applications of Powered by NSG TEC™ active glass Aesthetics and performance, how many compromises! The choice between an efficient home and an attractive appearance no longer needs to be a sacrifice thanks to active glazing.


NSG TEC™ brochure; NSG TEC™ - technical data; High Performance Glass for digital signage, digital displays and touch screens; NSG TEC™ - technical data

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