NSG UFF™ - Pilkington

NSG UFF™ is ultra thin, high quality cover glass used in a variety of digital applications. Available thicknesses* 0,28 mm 0,33 mm 0,4 mm 0,5 mm 0,55 mm 0,7 mm 1,1 mm * Other thicknesses can be made to customer specifications. Features Wide variety of thicknesses High quality and low cost Fabricated glass is available Cut, edge grinded and polished

About NSG Group - Pilkington

The NSG Group Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of glass and glazing systems in three major business areas: Architectural Glass Products, Automotive and Technical Glass. Founded in 1918, NSG Group acquired the leading UK-based glass manufacturer Pilkington plc in June 2006.

NSG TEC™ for Technical Applications - Pilkington

NSG TEC™ 20, NSG TEC™ 35, NSG TEC™ 50, NSG TEC™ 70 and NSG TEC™ 250 are used in heated glass applications. Compatible with different power sources, these products combine thermal control with superior electro-optical properties, NSG TEC™ SB, is used as a substrate for off-line coated glasses. Provides a barrier layer to prevent ...

NSG TEC™ - Pilkington

NSG TEC™ Uncoated ultrathin cover glass for touch screens and displays. NSG glanova™ NSG UFF™ Pilkington Microwhite™ Extra-clear glass for touch screens and digital signage. Pilkington Optiwhite™ Reflective mirror glass for TV displays, touch screens and video screens. Pilkington MirroView™ Anti-reflective glass for digital signage and displays

NSG TEC™ for Solar Applications - Pilkington

Overview. NSG TEC™ is a group of products, including a comprehensive range of TCO glass (Transparent Conductive Oxide coated glass), optimised to suit a variety of thin film photovoltaics, with different haze and conductivity levels. All our NSG TEC™ products are manufactured using a patented chemical vapour deposition process to produce a durable, on-line pyrolytic coating that may be ...

Pilkington Spectrum

Pilkington Spectrum allows you to combine a wide range of products available from NSG Group and determine their key properties such as light transmittance, g value and U g -value. The program includes restrictions that prevent some combinations being selected that may be considered unwise or impractical.

Glass giant ramps up antiviral coating research in the ...

13 Jul 2020 The NSG Group is fast tracking its research into producing glass with an antiviral coating, as it looks to help specifiers find new ways of reducing the transmission of viruses within buildings and transport. The glass giant’s research into anti-microbial glass was already at an advanced stage prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pilkington Profilit™

Pilkington Profilit™ Created to Design!. Pilkington Profilit™ is a U-shaped profiled glass. It is annealed glass, fitted with longitudinal wire reinforcement. This highly durable product allows light to enter buildings whilst presenting a translucent external appearance.

Pilkington SuperGrey™ and Pilkington Dark Grey™

unsurpassed light and glare control, improving visual privacy and reducing the need for blinds or shades, distinctive aesthetics inside and outside, offering a deep, cool grey tint from the exterior, whilst providing a remarkably crisp, comfortable view from the interior as they offer a neutral colour from the inside,