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Glass Structure The world’s leading structural glass system, Pilkington Planar™ opens up vast possibilities for architects, allowing them to create a complete glass envelope for buildings with frameless façades on any plane.. Support structures, located internally or externally, can use glass mullions, a conventional steel construction or the revolutionary Pilkington Planar™ Tension ...


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Overview Pilkington Planar™ systems remain the world’s market leader for structural glazing systems. With its unrivalled stability and safety, this innovative product allows architects to build entire structures out of glass, allowing architects design flexibility to create bright and highly attractive working environments, with more light and a greater feeling of space.

The sky’s the limit: structural glazing and building design

The glass is then fixed to the structure of the building itself, rather than being fitted within traditional and sometimes view-restricting frames. Depending on the specific criteria of an installation, there are a range of structural glazing systems available to ensure the desired finish and performance is achieved. Glass-fin (mullion) units ...

The System - Pilkington - First in Glass

The System Pilkington Planar™ lets you design the buildings of the future; using large glass façades to create stunningly attractive working environments with more light and a greater feeling of space.The Pilkington Planar™ system comprises glass, fittings and support structure.Each element has an array of options enabling the best possible solution to be realised no matter what the ...

Pilkington Texture Glass

Pilkington Texture Glass is translucent, transmitting diffused light whilst maintaining privacy. It offers a wide selection of alternatives, meeting both functional and aesthetic requirements and may be used for privacy in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. It may also be used for decorative purposes in applications such as doors ...

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Glass in Building Below you will find the archived versions of the magazine Glass in Building.

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Glass Systems. The Pilkington Planar™ system is the world’s market leader for structural glazing systems. Special Applications. Offers solutions to specific requirements for glass in buildings. Solar Energy. Glass for maximising solar energy conversion. Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd.

3D Technical Detail Drawings

- Single Glazed 905 back to Structure: SD 05 01 1007.dwfx - Single Glazed 905 back to Glass Fin: SD 06 01 1031.dwfx - 6 Bolt Vertical Splice With 905s: SD 06 01 1040.dwfx - Monolithic Glass Fin Finbox: SD 06 01 1043.dwfx - Monolithic Glass Fin Root Angle: SD 06 01 1046.dwfx - Monolithic Glass Fin Pinjoint: SD 08 04 1005.dwfx - IGU Jamb Detail