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Glass Furniture Glass is now a very fashionable and popular element of interior design and an integral part of interesting furniture solutions. When designing furniture with glass elements, the appearance and visual effects of glass offering different colours and translucency are taken into consideration.

Mirrors - Pilkington

Glass Furniture; Internal Partition; Kitchens; Mirrors; Rooflights; Solar Panels; Stairs; Windows; Replacement Conservatory Roofs; Replacement Glazing; Mirrors Mirrors in the home meet several tasks. The first and most important, especially in small rooms, is the optical enlargement of the room. The second task is to illuminate the interior ...

Pilkington Texture Glass

Glass Furniture. Internal Partition. Doors. Doors. Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd. Head Office - 3-5-27 Mita Minato-ku Tokyo About this site; Cookie Policy; Ethics and Compliance Hotline; Legal Notice;

Canopy - Pilkington

Windows Glass Canopy A glass canopy provides an attractive and practical feature to a building. Usually placed outside entrance doors a canopy protects people entering the building, keeps the weather away from the doors and allows natural light through to the entrance area.

Shopfront - Pilkington

Glass Furniture Glass Structure Internal Partition Photovoltaics Roof Glazing Shopfront Stairs Windows Shopfront Windows are extremely important for shop fronts, showrooms, or car dealerships due to the various functions they have to play for the building owner and the visitor.

The Float Process - Step-by-step - Pilkington

Stage 1: Melting and refining Fine-grained ingredients, closely controlled for quality, are mixed to make batch, which flows as a blanket on to molten glass at 1,500°C in the melter. Float makes glass of near optical quality.

Glass Systems - Pilkington

Glass Systems Glass can be used to create building interiors which connect occupants with the external environment, combining unbroken views of the surrounding nature and high level of natural light with the comfort and safety of the internal environment.

Extra clear glass Pilkington Optiwhite™ is now made in Italy

Thanks to its extraordinary colour neutrality, this glass is the ideal product for showcases that contain paintings, valuable objects and works of art, as well as for interior design solutions, where it is successfully used for stairs, furniture, balustrades and partitions.

Low-emissivity Glass - Pilkington

What is Low-emissivity glass? Low-emissivity glass (or low-e glass as it is commonly referred to) is a type of energy-efficient glass designed to prevent heat escaping through your windows to the cold outdoors.

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