Pilkington Pyroshield™ 2

That is why it is still one of the most popular fire-resistant glass types. Pilkington Pyroshield™ 2 is available in clear and texture versions, for vision or privacy respectively: Pilkington Pyroshield™ 2 Safety Clear (for fire safety, impact resistance and decoration) Pilkington Pyroshield™ 2 Texture (for fire safety and decoration)

How it works - Pilkington

When exposed to fire, the pane facing the flames fractures but remains in place, and the interlayer immediately foams up to form a thick, resilient and tough insulating shield that absorbs the energy of the blaze. This takes place at relatively modest temperatures around 120°C, such that protection is provided right from the early stages of a ...

Pilkington Pyrostop®

Pilkington Pyrostop® is a clear, multi-laminated fully insulating fire-resistant safety glass that offers the highest level of fire protection, effectively blocking the transmission of conductive and radiant heat, while maximising the transmission of natural light and transparency.

Fire Protection - Pilkington

Fire Protection. Pilkington's fire-resistant glass range ensures safer as well as space-giving, brighter and sustainable fire safety design. Find out more about Fire Protection. Visit our dedicated section all about fire protection solutions. Fire Protection Glass.

About Fire Protection - Pilkington

About Fire Protection Transparent solutions for protection of human life . Thanks to the continuous development and refinement of fire-resistant glass products modern glass architecture can implement its "democratic" values and principles of transparency and openness consistently both on the outer façades as well as in building interiors.

Pilkington Pyrostop® Line

Pilkington Pyrostop® Line. Fire-resistant glass solutions for butt-jointed integrity and insulation performance. Overview. Benefits. Brochures. BRANDSCHUTZ transparent. Project References. Product Applications. Internal Partition. Fire Corridor. Find More information. Fire Protection Glass.

Guarding and protection: how to specify glass barriers - Pilkington

10 Dec 2019. Designing glass for use in barriers can appear complex at first, with a number of safety and technical measures to take into consideration. In this article we explain the design principles behind some of the most common glass barriers. The use of glass barriers is a common feature of modern architecture.

Hospitals and Clinics - Pilkington

Fire protection in modern hospital buildings has to meet functional and aesthetic demands. Safe, wide escape routes are necessary in view of the restricted mobility of patients when they have to be evacuated in the event of a fire. At the same time, high quality lighting, clear vision and plenty of daylight even in terms of fire protection ...

Fire Protection Glass - Pilkington

Fire Protection Glass. Pilkington's Fire-resistant Glass range ensures safer as well as space giving, brighter and sustainable fire safety design. Overview.

Fire protection - Pilkington

Fire protection Fire-resistant glass is also often required in buildings such as residential homes, hotels or B&B accommodation, for providing safety zones or passageways for escape. The performance of fire resistant glass is expressed in periods of time for different qualities. The most common is 'integrity', which is how long the glass will ...

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