Pilkington Pyrostop® Line

Pilkington Pyrostop® Line

Fire-resistant glass solutions for butt-jointed integrity and insulation performance.


The Pilkington Pyrostop® Line Range stands for reliable and sustainable solutions for butt-jointed glazings for internal applications where additional vertical framing between glass panes are not an option.
Today two different types offer a variety of solutions designed to meet integrity and insulation fire resistance performance up to EI 60 whilst providing unobstructed open view by using very slim vertical butt-joints between the glass units.

Flush design meets structural integrity

Pilkington Pyrostop® Line Triple - as a Triple Glass Unit - has been designed for use in flush glazed partitions for internal applications and is an sustainable and long-lasting solution complying with additional mechanical load requirements. It is a robust performer comprising Pilkington Pyrostop® and two toughened glass panes either side combined into a triple  Insulating Glass Unit whilst offering a wide choice of colours and designs.

Flush design meets panoramic view

Pilkington Pyrostop® Line is the monolithic version for butt-jointed vertical glazing for internal application with integrity and insulation fire resistance performance. It is based on the same generic tried and tested technology as Pilkington Pyrostop® and offers the same fire resistance performance allowing panoramic view partitions with very slim butt-joints of only approx. 5 mm width.


  • Pilkington Pyrostop® Line Triple as an IGU provides adequate structural strength for additional loads
  • Pilkington Pyrostop® Line as a monolithic solution is ideally suited for open space design with a maximum area of unobstructed panoramic view
  • Based on tried and trusted quality and technology since 1978
  • Meeting temperature range from -40 °C up to +50 °C
  • Providing maximum of light transmittance and natural colour rendering
  • Suitable for flush glazing without vertical framing sections between the glass units up to EI 60 for internal application only
  • Large glass pane sizes with glazing unrestricted in width
  • Corner solution available with the monolithic Pilkington Pyrostop® Line
  • Additional functional glass performances available on request (safety, sound insulation, Low-E and many more)
  • Wide range of colour and design combinations available (decorative foil, sand blasting for design or privacy etc.)
  • Privacy protection interlayer available for both types
  • Special solution of Pilkington Pyrostop® Line Triple IGU comprising internal blinds available on request
  • CE approved


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