Windows are extremely important for shop fronts, showrooms, or car dealerships due to the various functions they have to play for the building owner and the visitor.

They must be able to fulfil an essential safety and security function, particularly important in relation to the value of goods that are exposed, protecting them from attempted thefts or accidental breakage that may occur.

Architects and specifiers of shopping centres and commercial premises are highly aware of the importance of an all-round shopping experience that comprises modern, friendly and open architecture. 

Glazing ensures the maximum amount of natural light for the optimal presentation of goods and services, contributing significantly to a positive, consumer-friendly atmosphere.

High-quality functional glazing is therefore an important element in modern sales promotion offering significant added value when interacting with potential customers. An attractive shop front design is the calling card of any retail business.

In certain lighting conditions ordinary float glass can restrict the prospective customers’ view inside, especially in large-glazed areas such as car showrooms. An anti-reflective glass is the obvious solution where an uninterrupted view of the vehicles on display from outside is essential to encourage and attract passing trade.

Pilkington OptiView™, with its anti-reflective properties, allows the showroom interior to be seen at its best providing the customer with a clear, eye-catching display. When combined with the almost ‘colourless’ low-iron Pilkington Optiwhite™, a true representation of the products is provided. The offering is complete with the excellent safety glass – laminated Pilkington OptiView™ Protect.

Pilkington OptiView™ Protect OW is a laminated safety glass, especially designed to protect product exposure areas, capable of responding to safety standards. But the features that make this glass the best solution for any store front are the very low light reflection thanks to the surface coatings applied  to the glass and the extraordinary colour rendering properties that allow a perfectly neutral and unaltered viewing of the exposed objects. The anti-reflective properties are attractive on display windows exposed to external natural light and artificial light inside shopping malls.

Pilkington Planar™ bolted structural glazing can be utilised for complex designs for shopping centres, where a flush, frameless appearance is desired by the client.

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