Specialised Transport

Specialised Transport

Specialised Transport is part of the Automotive business line of the NSG Group. We specialise in manufacturing original, tailor-made glass for our customers in the following six sectors:

  • Bus and coach 
  • Truck 
  • Off road 
  • Rail 
  • Marine 
  • Micro car

As a world leader in this segment, we supply on, a global basis, uniform, high-quality products, providing the most professional service for all our customers.

Our products range from flat glass to large, complex and even curved elements that can include various types of assemblies, such as integrated sliders, hopper windows, etc.

We utilise a wide range of special glass materials in our manufacturing that provide many benefits for the driver. These materials also help to save energy, protect the environment and make the working environment more comfortable for our employees.

Our strategy is to continuously improve our competitiveness, bring innovative products/glazing solutions to the market, and expand globally, particularly in emerging markets. To achieve these goals our employees around the world (throughout Europe, USA, Brazil, Japan, China and Malaysia), are dedicated to providing the best service for you, everyday.

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