Pilkington Sundym Select

Pilkington Sundym Select


Pilkington Sundym™ Select is the latest glazing innovation from Pilkington Automotive.

Utilising state of the art Suspended Particle Device (SPD) technology, Pilkington Sundym™ Select laminated glazing affords the driver complete control of light levels within the vehicle.

A simple switch is all that is required to vary the light transmission between near total darkness (<1%) to almost clear glass (~50%) in a matter of seconds.

Pilkington Sundym™ Select also combines state of the art infra red reflective technology with enhanced ultra violet protection to provide the highest level of solar protection available in any, mass produced, vehicle glazing to date.

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Key Benefits

  • User control of light transmission 
  • Optimises the feeling of light and space in the vehicle whilst offering protection from solar glare 
  • Fast switching from dark to clear in a matter of seconds 
  • Behaves the same as normal glazing without the need for special cleaning or handling 
  • Reduces solar heat inside the passenger cabin and provides enhanced UV protection

How it works

By applying an electrical voltage across conductive layers within the laminate construction, special rod shaped particles are brought into alignment increasing the transparency of the glazing.


Pilkington Sundym™ Select uses SPD-SmartGlass™ technology under a technical licence from Research Frontiers Inc.

RFI Website


For further information please contact: pilkauto@nsg.com

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