Customer Support Services

Customer Support Services

Pilkington Automotive is increasingly involved in the design and development of new vehicles, moving closer to customers' production lines. Product development benefits are progressively felt in the aftermarket.

Computer Simulation

Pilkington Automotive is a world leader in the development and use of computer simulation for advanced glazing technology, at centres in Europe, Japan and North America. Pilkington Automotive works with customers early in the design stage. Computer simulation plays a key role for the vehicle manufacturer and for the glazing supplier providing quick, accurate information on:

  • manufacturability/shape achievability/cost 
  • tooling design (performance, cost impact) 
  • optical performance 
  • process selection (e.g. press bending vs. sag bending) 
  • surface manipulation (optimised surface control)

Satellite Operations

Pilkington Automotive has doubled the number of its satellite facilitites in Europe since 2005 and is exploring further options to provide customers with closer support and better value for money.

Satellite assembly plants have also been established in Japan, North America, South America and Asia.

Satellite operations play a vital role in helping Pilkington Automotive to work more closely with customer, enabling the customers to:

  • reduce the number of suppliers 
  • reduce costs 
  • cope more efficiently with the ever-changing range of models and options
Each satellite facility is tailored exactly to customers' needs and caters for a range of requirements.

Full Service Supply

In addition to value-added products and systems, Pilkington Automotive is increasingly working as a full service supplier with certain OE customers, incorporating product sequencing and JIT delivery to the VM's assembly line.

New Model Introduction

Pilkington Automotive has a well developed and proven New Model Introduction process to carry out in-depth feasibility and modelling studies. These demonstrate how designs can both meet customers' styling intent and comply with optical, durability, shaping and manufacturing requirements. Pilkington Automotive's commitment to innovation means new glazing systems and technologies undergo rigorous quality and durability testing. It also provides prototyping, testing and sampling facilities in the run-up to production to ensure that all demands have been met in the final product.


The design of Pilkington Automotive's glass manufacturing equipment is undertaken with the NSG Group by Automotive Engineering, which provides the Group and its alliances with total solutions through engineering process excellence. It guarantees a complete project engineering service through the life of each project: feasibility studies, design, management of suppliers, commissioning and ramp-up. Automotive Engineering personnel are based in Italy, Japan, USA, Finland and China.

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