UK CA Marking

UK CA Marking

From 1st January 2023, it was originally proposed that CE Marking would not be recognised in Great Britain (i.e. England, Scotland and Wales) for relevant construction products, including glass in building, and the UK CA Marking will need to affixed instead.  

However. the UK Government updated its guidance on UK CA Marking on 9th December 2022, announcing that CE marking of construction products, including glass, will continue to be recognised for another 2.5 years for products placed on the GB market (England, Scotland and Wales), to allow businesses until 30th June 2025 to prepare for UK CA Marking.

Special procedures apply in Northern Ireland.  UK CA Marking cannot be used for construction products placed on the Northern Ireland market, which requires either CE Marking alone or the UK NI Mark and CE Marking.

The FAQs section provides questions and answers on a wide range of aspects related to UK CA Marking.

'Product and UK CA Marking Information' allows customers to download the Declaration of Performance (DoP) in support of UK CA Marking for relevant Pilkington products.  Most of the content of the DoP for UK CA Marking will be identical to the DoP for CE Marking, but there are some differences resulting in separate documents.

For the corresponding DoP in support of CE Marking, please go to  

If you have any comments or questions on UK CA Marking, the UK NI Mark or CE Marking, kindly send an email to  


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