PilkingtonAR app - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does AR mean?

AR is the abbreviation for Augmented Reality, which means "extended reality". In contrast to VR, i.e. virtual reality, no special glasses or other devices are required when using AR applications. Any user with a smartphone or tablet can play and use AR applications on their end device. AR offers the possibility of displaying visual information, for example in 3D, in moving images or holograms.

2. What is the PilkingtonAR app about?

The PilkingtonAR app offers the user to deal comprehensively with the subject of glass. The first and only app of this kind so far contains two different applications. On one hand, a real existing installation from the German Mining Museum in Bochum. In this installation, a pump that was used in earlier times to pump out mine water is exhibited in a glass cube. The special thing about it: the glass cube consists of the spy mirror Pilkington Mirropane™ Chrome Spy, which means that you can see in from the outside, but not from the inside out. On the other hand, the app offers the function of equipping the facade of a modern building with various Pilkington functional glasses. Using a configurator, users can use in the building different solar control glass types from the Pilkington Suncool™ range or use the Pilkington Activ™ self-cleaning glass. A special function is the daylight regulator, which can be used to continuously adjust the lighting situation. The objects themselves, i.e. the cube and the modern building, are infinitely scalable.

3. What can the user do with the PilkingtonAR app?

The user can place the glass cube with the pump or the modern building as a hologram in their living room or on their desk and view it from all sides. It is also possible to place the cube in a walkable real size (1:1), but it is best to be outdoors or in a sufficiently large room. The user receives various information about the products used and can find out about technical data. It can be used on a smartphone or tablet. We recommend a tablet for the best experience of our glass products.

4. What is the advantage of the PilkingtonAR app for the user?

The PilkingtonAR app aims to make glass products an impressive experience. The applications invite you to playfully deal with the topic of glass and offer a lot of exciting information about the Pilkington glass product range in an innovative way. Users are given the greatest possible freedom to scale and design the 3D objects in the app.

5. What developments are planned?

The PilkingtonAR app is continuously being developed. Many exciting applications that include the topics of glass, building, architecture and design will follow in the future.

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Do you have any further questions about the PilkingtonAR app? Send us an email to MarketingDE@nsg.comThis FAQ is constantly being expanded.


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