CE Marking

CE Marking

CE stands for 'Communité Européenne'. CE Marking indicates that a product conforms to a European technical standard identified as a harmonised European Norm (hEN).

The harmonised European Norms (hENs) are standards adopted by the ‘Comité Européen de Normalisation' (CEN) who represents all the national standards bodies, following a mandate issued by the European Commission. They are developed through an open and transparent process, built on consensus between all interested parties.

CE Marking:

  • does not indicate the country of origin
  • is not a quality mark in the traditional sense
  • is not connected with any of the product profiles (or functions) that is not part of the basic requirements i.e. it does not refer to colour, design etc.
  • is not a license that allows to use the product in all possible applications in the EEA

The standards have been established to remove technical barriers to trade for construction products. A unique standard exists for the major glass types/groups. These standards have superseded previous national standards.

The first set hENs for glass in building became applicable from 1st September 2005 and mandatory from 1st September 2006. Others have followed since then.

Some of the Pilkington products covered are listed below (with the harmonised standard reference noted in brackets).


Product standard


Pilkington product


Basic soda lime silicate glass (EN 572-9)




Pilkington Optifloat™
Pilkington Arctic Blue™
Pilkington Texture Glass
Pilkington Profilit™
Pilkington Pyroshield™ 2


Coated glass (EN 1096-4)




Pilkington Activ™
Pilkington K Glass™
Pilkington Energy Advantage™
Pilkington Optitherm™
Pilkington Reflite™
Pilkington SunShade™
Pilkington Solar-E™
Pilkington Eclipse Advantage™
Pilkington Suncool™
Pilkington Mirropane™
Pilkington OptiView™


Toughened glass (EN 12150-2)


Pilkington Toughened Glass (T)
Pilkington Pyroclear®


Heat strengthened glass (EN 1863-2)


Pilkington Heat Strengthened Glass (HN)


Laminated safety glass (EN 14449)


Pilkington Optilam™
Pilkington Optiphon™
Pilkington Pyrostop®
Pilkington Pyrodur®


Insulating glass units (EN 1279-5)


Pilkington Insulight™
All IGUs with Pilkington Pyrostop®, Pilkington Pyrodur® and Pilkington Pyroclear®


Heat soaked thermally toughened glass (EN 14179-2)


Pilkington Toughened and Heat Soaked Glass (THS)


Mirrors (EN 1036-2)


Pilkington Optimirror™ Plus


Note. The above is not intended to be an exhaustive list of products.

The NSG Group, as a member of the European Flat Glass Manufacturers’ Association (Glass for Europe), is committed to supporting and enacting the various initiatives and directives required to ensure our products are CE Marked.

CE Marking Technical Information is available for the above products by selecting the Product Brand Name in the section “Product & CE Marking information”.

Other relevant information can be attained from the FAQs Section as well as the Questions & Answers Document and Presentations which are downloadable.


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