Trustee Directors

The Trustee Company is Pilkington Brothers Superannuation Trustee Limited. The Trustee Board is composed of Employer and Employee Directors. The Employee Directors are elected by members.

As at 1 July 2022 the Trustee Directors were:



BESTrustees (represented by Ms R Tranter)

Employer Directors

Mr. S.J. Boon                        
Mr. S.M. Gange

Mr. R.P. Hemingway

Mr. J. McKenna

Mr. P.D. Wilkinson



Mrs J. Miller

Employee Directors

Mr. D.P. Gilchrist, P. Automotive, Lathom

Mr. M. Arnold, Greengate

Mr. K. McKenna, Greengate


Pensioner Directors

Mr. S.J. Beesley

Mr. D. Corf

Mr. B. Bonney