Who looks after the Scheme

The Trustee Directors

The Trustee of the Scheme is Pilkington Brothers Superannuation Trustee Limited. They have the ultimate responsibility of looking after the Scheme's assets on behalf of the beneficiaries of the Scheme.

The Trustee Directors have a duty to act:

  • In accordance with the Scheme's Trust Deed and Rules.
  • Prudently, conscientiously and honestly.
  • In the best interests of all the beneficiaries.

Although they undergo training in their role, the Trustee Directors do not need to be pensions "experts". That is why they have the support of Pensions Department and professional advisers when expert advice is needed.

Group Pensions Department, Pilkington Group Limited

Group Pensions Department (usually referred to as Pensions) takes care of the day-to-day administration and management of the Scheme. Amongst other things, they deal with members' enquiries and process members' data.

Professional Advisers

Various professional advisers are used by the Trustee to provide expert help and advice.

  • The Scheme Actuary advises the Trustee on financial issues such as contribution levels and ability of the Scheme to meet its liabilities.

  • Auditors check the Scheme's annual accounts to confirm they are accurate and comply with the regulations.

  • Solicitors produce Scheme documentation, such as the Trust Deed and Rules, and ensure that the Trustee is meeting its legal requirements.
  • Investment Advisors assist and advise the Trustee on decisions relating to the structure of the investment of the funds.
  • The Investment Managers manage the investments of the Scheme, seeking to provide the target returns on the funds entrusted to them.