Your Pension and Will

What is a will?
A will is a legally binding document that gives guidance to your executors (those who are administering your wishes) on how your estate (your capital and assets) is to be distributed on your death.

It is sensible to make a will, that you keep it up to date, and that its whereabouts are known.

How are pension benefits dealt with on death?
The Pilkington Superannuation Scheme normally pays a pension to your spouse on your death (see For Spouse's & Dependants) and in some circumstances a cash lump sum may also be due (see Lump Sums on Death).

Any lump sum does not normally form part of your estate. It is distributed by the Trustee, as it may decide, between your relatives and dependants.

The important thing is to let us know your wishes on a Declaration for Lump Sum Form and to keep this information up to date.