Pensions Payment

How are pensions paid?

Monthly, on or about the 23rd of the month.

In sterling directly into your UK Bank or Building Society, or into an account abroad by arrangement. Please let us know if you change your account by completing a Change of Bank form.

When do I receive a payslip?
Payslips are only issued in months when net payments differ by £5 or more from the previous month.

Income tax
PAYE income tax is deducted from your pension in accordance with your tax code. Your tax district is St Helens and the tax reference is 709/STP3.

You can write to them at:

HM Inspector of Taxes
The Triad
Stanley Road
L75 1HP

Or telephone them on:

0300 200 3300

Remember you will need to quote your NI number in all correspondence.

Pension increases
Increases, when applicable, are made to pensions in payment on 1st July each year. See Pension Increases for more details.