Pensions Department Contacts

We have settled the GMP equalisation amount due for the majority of members in September.  Some members may have received a one-off additional payment in September.  Details will be provided in an individual letter which should be received before the end of September.  Where we have not been able to calculate the amount due as part of the main exercise, you will receive a letter to that effect.

If you wish to contact Pilkington Group Pensions then please email :
(Please note that the previous “enquiries” mailbox is no longer operational)


Contact numbers for the Pensions Team are as follows: 01744 692959, 01744 692962, 01744 692967, 01744 692003, 01744 692596.



Correspondence address:

Pilkington Group Pensions Dept
NSG European Technical Centre
Hall Lane
Nr Ormskirk

Lancashire    L40 5UF