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We have settled the GMP equalisation amount due for the majority of members in September.  Some members may have received a one-off additional payment in September.  Details will be provided in an individual letter which should be received before the end of September.  Where we have not been able to calculate the amount due as part of the main exercise, you will receive a letter to that effect.

Copies of the communications and a more detailed Questions and Answers document can be found below.

Pensioners and Dependants

Pensioner – Dependant Letter

Pensioner – Dependant Q&A

Active and Deferred Member

Active – Deferred Letter

Active – Deferred Q&A

Additional Q&A during consultation

Additional Q&A during consultation

The consultation ended on 28 February 2023.  Following the consultation, and with the agreement of the Company, the Trustee intends to implement GMP equalisation as proposed within the consultation documents.  There has been a short delay due to the complexity of the work involved; affected members will receive further communication ahead of any increase to their pension in payment. 

If you have any questions regarding GMP equalisation please email, however, we cannot provide any details of individual benefits until personal letters have been issued.