This page is reserved for recent developments in the pension’s area generally.  It will not necessarily cover PSS-only issues.



We are operating as far as possible on a "business as usual" basis.  Some activities may take longer than usual where we experience unusual peaks in activity, or for reasons outside of our control for example delays within the postal service.

We remain able to accept all forms of communication:-


Contact numbers: 01744 692959, 01744 692962, 01744 692967, 01744 692003, 01744 692596.

Postal address: Pilkington Group Pensions Department, NSG Technical Centre, Hall Lane, Lathom, Nr. Ormskirk, Lancashire L40 5UF

Please be aware that there may be delays in receiving documents sent through the post and similarly after correspondence has been sent from the office.  This is outside of our control and please factor this into your expectations.

The Admin Team work hard to deal with all requests in a timely manner.  We appreciate your patience.

I am saddened to have to add a comment that we expect our team to be spoken to with courtesy and never be subjected to abusive language.  Thank you to the overwhelming majority for whom this goes without saying.

We will update this if there are any changes in circumstances.

We hope you and your loved ones remain safe and well.



The Pilkington Family Trust is an independent charity.  It assists retired Pilkington employees in need of financial, health, disability or loneliness support.  If you are in need, they may be able to help.

Please see for more information.