Visual Comfort

Visual Comfort

Heatable Glazing

Pilkington Automotive supplies heated glazings that de-ice and de-mist either part or the whole of the windshield for improved driver comfort and passenger safety.

Pilkington Automotive's Hotscreen™  incorporates fine wires that are capable of de-icing a frozen screen at –5°C inside two minutes. A recent innovation allows the full area of the screen to be de-iced within this timescale. Pilkington Automotive is developing a full area coated heated windshield that provides both de-ice and anti-mist properties.

This heating functionality is in addition to the benefits of optimised solar control and high shape complexity that are already achieved with Pilkington Automotive coating technology.

Hydrophobic Glazing

Hydrophobic Glazing is designed to increase driver visibility in rainy conditions. 

By controlling the contact angle of raindrops landing on the body glass, water is quickly dispersed thereby improving the view throught vehicle windows.

Benefits include:

  • Increased driver visibility 
  • Reduced time for removal of frost and ice 
  • High durability 
  • Renewable

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