Sun Management System

Sun Management System

Sun Management System

What You Should Know about Glass and Energy

Different types of glass have different performance and aesthetic characteristics. You can combine two different types of glass in an I.G.U. (insulating glass unit) creating an almost limitless number of combinations and permutations to achieve virtually any performance and aesthetic goal.

That's the whole idea behind the Pilkington Sun Management Glass System: Giving you the power to custom-design the optimum glass and glazing combination for each individual project! Visit the Pilkington Sun Management Calculator to explore various glazing combinations and generate a general specification with performance data.

The Important Advantages of Pilkington Thermal Control Low-E Glass

Recognizing the inherent problems of soft coats – including handling problems, inconsistent aesthetics and, in many cases, extremely long lead times – the engineers at Pilkington developed a revolutionary kind of low-e:
Pilkington Energy Advantage™.

Pilkington Energy Advantage™ is produced by a patented pyrolytic process that exposes hot glass to chemical vapors during the actual float glass production. These vapors bond a thin metal oxide to the glass at the molecular level, so rather than just acting as a coating, they become an integral part of the surface of the glass.

The result is similar to the difference between painted and anodized metal: pyrolytic products are durable, post-temperable and, because the pyrolytic surface doesn't degrade like a sputtered coating, can be warehoused for ready availability.

Most important of all, however, the pyrolytic process gives Pilkington Energy Advantage™ a consistently clear, color-neutral appearance that not only makes it a perfect choice for use in an insulating glass unit with clear float, but also allows you to combine it with a variety of tints and reflective glass in the outboard lite, to give you an almost limitless range of aesthetic and performance options.

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