Fire rated classifications for North America

Categories for specific requirements

Our fire protection regulations are comprehensive, complex and diverse. The fire protection standards for building structures vary according to type and the use of the building, architecture, as well as the specific installation instructions. Furthermore, building codes and local regulations must be considered.

These diverse regulations and requirements for the use of fire rated glass have led to the definition of the standardized fire resistance performance classifications; which comprises of two different fire rated glass types per the IBC.

- Fire Resistance: The property of materials of their assemblies that prevents or retards the passage of excessive heat, hot gases, or flames under conditions of use. Blocks the flow of radiant heat. i.e.: Pilkington Pyrostop® 

- Fire Protection: A fire protected material has an increased chance of surviving and maintaining integrity during a fire, not to block heat emitted from a fire as with fire resistance materials. i.e.: wired glass 

Pilkington Pyrostop® fire rated glass ensures reliable and economical fire protection solutions while considering all specific requirements to the various types of building and installation situations.