Thermal Stress Calculator

Thermal Stress Calculator

Window glass is constantly being heated and cooled by factors such as the sun, wind, and interior HVAC. The small differentials between temperatures at various portions of the glass causes expansion and contraction which, if the stresses are great enough, can lead to breakage in ordinary annealed glass.

That's why, in many applications, heat strengthening will be required by local building codes and ordinances.

However, heat treating is not always necessary.

The Pilkington Thermal Stress Calculator is designed to give you a general guideline as to which glass combinations, under what circumstance, may safely be used without heat treating.

In addition to selecting an outboard and inboard lite of Pilkington Glass, you may also combine a Pilkington Performance Glass with another manufacturer's glass in an I.G. unit. Values are drawn for the performance data for each glass type as submitted by the manufacturer to the National Fenestration Ratings Council (NFRC).

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Additional Information:

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