Pilkington EverGreen™

Pilkington EverGreen™


Pilkington EverGreen™ sets standards of quality, aesthetics and performance for green body-tinted glass. It offers solar control characteristics and high selectivity.

Pilkington EverGreen™ provides high light transmittance when compared to other tinted float glasses while still providing solar control, resulting in a high selective glass. The solar control properties and color densities of both products vary with each thickness, so that glass with properties appropriate to a particular application can be chosen.


Pilkington EverGreen™ is ideal for both hot and cold climates. It absorbs much of the sun’s heat and UV rays while still letting a substantial level of daylight through the glass.

Where a safety glass is required, they can be specified as tempered or laminated glass. They are ideal for any applications whether commercial or domestic, where an uncoated solar control glass in a refreshing soft green color is required.

To achieve additional thermal insulation, the products have to be combined in an insulating glass unit with a low-emissivity glass.


  • Improved solar control performance compared to traditional tinted float glass, preventing heat entering the building and therefore reducing the need for air-conditioning
  • Solar control performance and color density vary with each thickness
  • Refreshing soft green color, offering a crisp, clean view of the outside
  • High daylight transmittance compared with other tinted glasses, reducing the need for artificial lighting
  • Low internal and external reflection
  • Low UV transmittance
  • Additional thermal insulation performance when combined in an insulating glass unit with a low-emissivity glass
  • Can be laminated, tempered, bent and enamelled using standard techniques
  • Can be used in monolithic form or incorporated in insulating glass units
  • Pilkington EverGreen™ is available in 3 mm, 5 mm and 6 mm thicknesses

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