Pilkington Spectrum

Pilkington Spectrum


Pilkington Spectrum is a Windows-based glass performance model which enables you to quickly and efficiently calculate key properties of insulating glass units without the need to construct and measure them.

You can use Pilkington Spectrum to provide the following information:

  • light and solar properties (transmittance, reflectance, absorptance, g value, etc.) in accordance with EN 410,
  • centre pane U-value in accordance with EN 673 (with an option to display the U-value to two decimal places),
  • sound insulation values in accordance with EN ISO 140-3 or generally accepted values from EN 12758,
  • ultra violet (uv) transmittance and colour rendering index (Ra) in accordance with EN 410,
  • other properties (e.g. pendulum body impact resistance, fire resistance, resistance to manual attack, etc.).

This information is available for single glazing, insulating glass units (double, triple and quadruple glazing) and secondary glazing, or double window configurations.

The database includes a comprehensive range of our products, provided by benefit-led category (e.g. solar control, thermal insulation, self-cleaning, solar control, etc.). We have also provided details of our relevant technical contacts, in case you require any additional technical information.

Pilkington Spectrum version 7.0.1 now available!

We have launched Version 7.0.1, which introduces Spec-it!, our performance search function that allows you to search on key parameters for a project. This should help speed up the glass specification process and even allow you to build up a specification even if you may not be familiar with the Pilkington product range.

You can search on one or more of the following parameters: 

  • U value
  • g value
  • External light reflectance
  • Internal light reflectance

There are also additional filters which allow you to include or exclude toughened glass, laminated glass and Pilkington Activ™ options, as appropriate. Using the quick and handy sliders, you can select exact values or, to allow greater choice and flexibility, select a minimum and maximum value. Once the relevant parameters have been selected, the application will display the closest matches. Once you are happy with one of the matches, clicking on that option will load the selection into the main area of Spectrum. From here, you can build in other requirements for the project, such as noise control, safety, security and weight.

To access Pilkington Spectrum for the first time, you must go through the registration process. Once you have registered, you may use it freely without having to register again. By registering with us you can be informed of program updates and  new product announcements.

With Pilkington Spectrum online you have the reassurance of always working with the latest version of the program and corresponding product data, so you do not need to download new software or database updates.


If you have any problems in registering or have a general query, please email us.

Please Note.
Pilkington Spectrum allows you to combine a wide range of products available from Pilkington and determine their key properties such as light transmittance, g value and U-value.  The program includes restrictions that prevent some combinations being selected that may be considered unwise or impractical. Even with these restrictions, it is still possible for you to create product combinations that may not be available from your supplier. Please check with your supplier that your chosen product combination is possible, available in the sizes required and in a timescale appropriate to your project.  Furthermore, it is essential that you check that your product combination is appropriate for satisfying local, regional, national and other project-specific requirements. Due to the importance of selecting fire rated products that are tested in the various glazing options, they are not included in this version (but are likely to be added to a future version).  For information on our solar and thermal performance of fire rated products please contact the Pilkington Technical Advisory Service.

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