Wind Load Calculator - Pilkington

This calculator makes it easy for you to perform preliminary assessments of the Wind Load resistance of single glazed, annealed (not heat treated) window glass, with various edge support conditions, according to the ASTM E1300 standard. Click Here to Begin...

Window Energy Ratings | A-Rated Windows | Energy-Efficient Glass

Window Energy Ratings tell you how energy-efficient your windows are. The rating system is based on a scale of A-G, with A-rated windows being the most energy-efficient. The scheme is similar to the energy ratings you will find on household appliances, white goods and light bulbs.

Glass for Your Home | Windows, Doors, Roofs, Glazing | Pilkington

Pilkington's glass products will make your home more comfortable, secure & attractive. Visit us to find out more about our glass doors, roofs & windows.

Durability of Glass - Pilkington

The durability of glass can be witnessed in most cities with ancient churches. Unless broken by excessive loads glass will remain for very long periods.

Benefits of Thermal Control Low-E Glass - Pilkington

The durable, pyrolytic low-e coating means that our thermal control low-e can be handled using standard float glass techniques. And, this durability means that it is also ideally suited for use in storm windows. Cutting . Cutting Pilkington Energy Advantage™ is as simple as cutting ordinary clear glass. No special tools are needed.

Thermal Insulation - Pilkington

Through advances in low-e glass, windows now play a big part in energy conservation and comfort, minimizing heat loss and internal condensation. With our wide range of low-emissivity glass we can meet all your energy saving requirements. How it works Low-e glass reduces the heat loss of the building by:

Power Generating Window Installation - Pilkington

Power Generating Window Installation. News Item. 22 Jan 2021. A fully transparent, energy-generating window featuring UE Power™, Ubiquitous Energy' s transparent photovoltaic technology was recently installed at the NSG facility in Northwood, Ohio.

Pilkington Pyrostop®

Pilkington Pyrostop ® is ideal – vertically installed – for use in transparent fire walls, windows, doors, screens, partitions and facades or – inclined installed – for roof glazing (special type) and horizontal glazing (special type).

Green Resources - Pilkington

CWDMA establishes and maintains national certification programs for windows and doors sold in Canada. The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) NFRC develops and administers energy-related rating and certification programs. These programs provide fair, accurate and credible information on fenestration performance.

Pilkington OptiView™ Range

Pilkington OptiView™can enhance any view, either looking inwards or out. Adding to its unique properties, Pilkington OptiView™is available in larger sizes and achieves a more neutral color than any other low reflective glass providing architects with greater innovative freedom than before.

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