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Green Resources USGBC LEED® In every region of the world in which we operate, the need to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions has never been as important as it is today. Buildings account for almost 50 percent of the energy consumed in developed countries. People, companies and communities are searching for better way to improve energy efficiency.

Sustainability FAQs - Pilkington

Frequently Asked Questions about Sustainability We receive lots of questions about our Group Sustainability policy and credentials. Most of these can be answered by referring to our Sustainability Report however we have highlighted some of the key ones below. If you would like further help please email us using the contact form.

Sustainability - Pilkington

Sustainability Sustainability Glass has a major part to play in society's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to mitigate the effects of climate change. We aim to be the global leader in innovative high-performance glass and glazing solutions, contributing to energy conservation and generation, working safely and ethically.

Laurinburg Investment - Pilkington

The project started on March 10, 2021 and is expected to be completed in late June 2021. “The investment is part of our ongoing commitment to our customers and the Laurinburg community,” said Chris Miller, Manufacturing Operations Director. The Laurinburg plant manufactures float glass for the commercial architectural and export markets.

Glass and Human Impact - Pilkington

Glass in its annealed form, framed and in tact is not an immediate threat but when it is broken the long shards turn into effective cutting devices with sharp edges and momentum.

Durability of Glass - Pilkington

The chemical constituents of glass have to strike a balance between the required properties of the product - resistance to chemical attack, strength, melting temperature and hardness (workability). Under the section on strength of glass we discuss its unusual properties. In terms of mechanical strength the durability can be variable.

The Float Process - Pilkington

At the heart of the world's glass industry is the float process - invented by Sir Alastair Pilkington in 1952 - which manufactures clear, tinted and coated glass for buildings, and clear and tinted glass for vehicles.

Pilkington Energy Advantage™

Overview. Pilkington Energy Advantage™ is a pyrolitically on-line coated low-emissivity glass. It offers substantial improvement on thermal insulation when compared to clear float glass. It is also characterized by high solar heat gain, which means that as well as retaining heating warmth in a room, it allows high level of solar energy to enter, for warmer and brighter interiors, and reduced ...

Pilkington in North America

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