Solar Energy - Pilkington

Solar energy panels offer alternative solutions to a range of energy requirements, from small scale domestic applications to large scale solar power stations, from cloudy northern rooftops to hot sunny deserts. Solar glass is an integral and important element of these solar panels. Our range of solar glass products is designed and optimised to suit the requirements of various solar technologies with properties such as high solar energy transmittance, strength and durability, as well as ...

Glass and Solar Energy - Pilkington

Glass is an integral and important element of solar modules, used to convert solar energy into electricity. In traditional photovoltaics, the solar cells may be encapsulated using toughened high-transmission glass, which protects the cells. from the elements. During its life cycle, a solar panel can produce over 15 times the amount of energy used to make it.

NSG TEC™ for Solar Applications

Thin film photovoltaic modules produce power at low cost per watt. They are ideal for large scale solar farms, as well as Building Integrated Photovoltaic applications (BIPV). They benefit from generating consistent power, not only at elevated temperatures, but also on cloudy, overcast days and at low sun angles.

Solar Control - Pilkington

Overview In hot conditions, or for buildings with high internal loads, it is used to minimize solar heat gain by rejecting solar... In more temperate conditions it can be used to balance solar control with high levels of natural light

Pilkington Optiwhite™ for Solar Applications

Overview. Pilkington Optiwhite™ is a range of extra clear low-iron float glass products with very high solar transmittance, offering improved solar energy conversion and consistent performances. This range of low-iron glass products is suitable for use in thin film photovoltaics, crystalline silicon photovoltaics, concentrated solar power technology, solar thermal collectors and solar mirrors.

Pilkington Sunplus™

Pilkington Sunplus™ is a high performance low-iron glass with very high solar energy transmittance. When toughened, this solar glass' strength and durability make it the ideal choice for crystalline silicon photovoltaics, as well as for solar thermal collectors. Pilkington Sunplus™ is used extensively as cover plates for crystalline silicon solar cells in photovoltaic modules.

Solar Glass Float Furnace in US Starts Operation

12 Nov 2020. NSG Group announced today the float furnace to produce TCO (transparent conductive oxide) coated glass for solar panels in Luckey, Ohio has started operation. Due to the pandemic, the inaugural furnace lighting ceremony was held virtually and streamed live over the company social media platforms. The new 500,000 square foot glass production facility was built as part of the 38 billion yen investment plan announced in May 2018 to expand production capacity of TCO glass to support ...

Pilkington Solar-E™

Pilkington Solar-E™ range offers wide range of benefits: Good solar control performance with low-emissivity, reducing the need for heating and cooling the building. Medium light transmittance and low light reflectance for undistorted, natural views. Available in a range of colors (Clear and EverGreen).