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e-Premier offers an online source for information and e-Business initiatives to Pilkington North America AGR customers. Customers also have access to electronic business initiatives including e-Commerce, GlassConnect, e-POS programs, EDI and Custom Solutions.

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Founded in 1918, the company was transformed in 2006 with the acquisition of Pilkington plc, itself a global leader in the glass industry and the inventor of the Float Glass process. The Pilkington name was retained as a brand for the Group’s architectural and automotive products.

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Pilkington's glass products will make your home more comfortable, secure & attractive. Visit us to find out more about our glass doors, roofs & windows.

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Information you need about our products. Pilkington Spacia™ Brochure Pilkington Solar-E™ & Pilkington Solar-E™ Plus Brochure Pilkington Energy Advantage™ Residential Brochure Low-E 4th Surface Technology

Automotive Glass Replacement North America

The glass is supplied to a network company-owned service centers and AGR truckload customers from its distribution centers located in Columbus, Ohio and Phoenix, Arizona. Pilkington is committed to providing superior service and support to the auto glass replacement professionals, continuously seeking to improve and expand upon existing ...

Pilkington in North America

The North American aftermarket operations supply laminated and tempered glass for the automotive glass replacement market. Products are shipped from its distribution centers in Columbus, Ohio and Phoenix, Arizona to external retailers and wholesale customers and its network of company-owned wholesale service centers throughout the US.

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Fire Protection. Provides passive protection from the effects of fire for up to 180 minutes allowing maximum use of natural light and enabling all areas of a building to be occupied.

Pilkington Mirropane™

Applications. Pilkington Mirropane™ is the ideal choice for supermarkets, computer rooms, banks or cash offices, where areas need to be kept under observation or hidden from public scrutiny. It is also appropriate for patient monitoring in hospitals or residential care establishments. Pilkington Mirropane™ is available in 6 mm annealed form. . Pilkington Mirropane™ is normally only used ...

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Building Products North America Architectural Technical Bulletins - All of the ATS Bulletins are available in downloadable Adobe Acrobat .pdf files. In order to view them, you will need to have the Acrobat reader installed, which, if you don't already have it, you may download free from the link at the bottom.