Glass, due to its water resistance and visual appearance, is a perfect material for use in bathrooms. From glass splashbacks on the walls, through glass shelves and shower enclosures, to glass fittings and accessories - glass in the bathroom appears everywhere and has been popular for years. Furniture manufacturers often use glass to fill the fronts of bathroom cabinets and interior designers eagerly use glass as a lining of walls.

Glass is a very gratifying material. Its basic, clear, smooth version is associated with purity, cleanness, lightness and space; glass with colour can give character to each interior, with the amazing gloss brightening and adding a glow and illusory space to the interior. However, glass with a matt finish will also work well in the bathroom, providing intimacy without stopping precious light flooding the bathroom.

Glass in the bathroom looks very modern - especially with neutral colour walls and chrome and aluminium fittings. This combination is associated with minimalism in the style of high-tech, so eagerly used in our bathrooms.

Colourful glass is an interesting alternative to ceramic tiles - just as they are decorative and functional. The glass bathroom is very easy to maintain - if you care about it regularly, it will delight you for years. Ideally, smooth glass tiles do not absorb water, dry quickly and, after polishing with a soft cloth, look brand new!

Glass can be used throughout the bathroom - from the glass floor, through the glass panels on the walls (including printed, enamelled or painted panels), to glass walls and shower enclosures/screens and shower/bath tubs. But this is just the beginning! Glass washbasin, bathtub, glass-topped cabinet (or ultramodern version - all glass) or even a glass spout tap! Including glass dispensers for soap, stands, hangers, shelves and glass chandelier. If you fancy, you can have everything in your bathroom with glass. As if that was not enough, glass perfectly combines not only with aluminium and chromium, but also perfectly suits white cabinets, raw concrete, wood and multi-coloured mosaics.

Glass in the bathroom is a great choice - the lightness of glass designs, their impeccable gloss and timeless styles satisfy even the most picky taste.

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