Sports and Culture

Today, public buildings used for sports and cultural events are increasingly integrated in their surroundings, seeking to maximise the incidence of natural daylight with transparent facades and roof glazing. Historical cultural buildings on the other hand ought to preserve their original style and are often listed buildings, even when they need to be converted for other uses and reassessed in terms of fire risks. Individually adapted transparent fire-resistant system solutions using glass can help to reliably ensure up to date fire protection as well as restoring existing fire protection and security features in both of these highly differing scenarios.

Example of application:

National Heritage Castle, Bietigheim

Bietigheim castle is a listed, convoluted building complex dating back to the 16th century. It has been converted into a school of music in strict compliance with the preservation regulations, and is attended today by more than 1,800 pupils. EI 30 roof glazing, EI 30 partitions and numerous EI 30 door systems were added as additional safety measures to adapt the building to its changed use whilst complying with the present-day building safety standards for public buildings.