Office Buildings

Fire protection in modern office buildings has to address fire safety for the users, protection of property and flexible and efficient use of available space. Most building complexes integrate various functions such as public assembly places, canteens and cafeterias incorporating guest lounges or even underground car parks - all need special consideration in the fire safety concept. Modern architecture needs to get natural daylight in through façades and roofs into the core of the building. This is facilitated above all by transparent fire-resistant glazing in corridors, escape routes and fire compartments. Special shapes of buildings, arrangements and layouts can be achieved using fire-resistant glass products even when additional properties are required or corners pose a risk of flash-over between two fire compartments.

Example of application:

Süddeutscher Verlag (publishers), Munich

A glass atrium acts as the fire protection compartment between the tower and a low-rise building, forming a multi-functional general access zone. Fire protection is achieved by an EI 30 internal façade extending over five storeys; around 700 transparent EI 30 fire-resistant doors and partitions ensure even the core of the building is  flooded with plenty of daylight on all levels.