Categories for specific fire protection

Fire protection regulations are comprehensive, complex and diverse. The fire protection standards of building structures called for by each particular supervisory body vary according to type and use of the building, architecture, as well as the specific installation situation. Furthermore national codes and local building regulations must be considered in any event.

These diverse regulations and requirements for the use of fire-resistant glazing have led to the definition of the European standardised fire-resistance performance classification which comprises three classes:

  • Class EI: Fire-resistant glass in this category offers highest level of protection from fire, smoke and radiant heat for a defined period of time (from 30 up to 180 minutes).

  • Class EW: Glass in this category offers an integrity performance (protection from fire and smoke) whilst reducing transfer of dangerous radiant heat.

  • Class E: Fire-resistant glass which remains transparent in the event of fire offers protection from fire and smoke but does not reduce the transfer of dangerous radiant  heat in the event of a fire (integrity only performance).

Pilkington's three product lines of fire-resistant glass ensure reliable and economical fire protection solutions considering all specific requirements related to the various types of the buildings and the particular installation situation.