Hospitals and Clinics

Fire protection in modern hospital buildings has to meet functional and aesthetic demands. Safe, wide escape routes are necessary in view of the restricted mobility of patients when they have to be evacuated in the event of a fire. At the same time, high quality lighting, clear vision and plenty of daylight even in terms of fire protection structures also underline the hospital concepts of offering patients pleasant and open space facilities.

Example of application

Ostholstein Clinic, Eutin

This new hospital building solved a whole series of typical challenges modern hospital design faces by incorporating clear transparent fire protection glazings. Central secretarial and ward units needing a clear view of the corridors and patient rooms were equipped with EI 30 glazing and EI 30 door systems; daylight openings in the façades to the entrance hall were fitted with EW 30 glazing, and the partitioning between the ward corridors and the escape routes were provided with glazed EI 30 double-leaf door systems in many structural variations. All fire-resistant systems were fitted in timber framing systems.