Banks and Insurance

Banks and insurances in general, and their headquarters in particular, are an important part of the corporate identity and are designed to impress. Integrated public assembly places for meetings and events are combined with light flooded, generously spaced office and executive suites, staircases, bistros and waiting areas as an expression of a highly communicative corporate philosophy. In high-rise buildings in particular, such open space designs can only be approved by the building control authorities when they feature transparent fire-resistant glazing,  modern, active fire suppression equipment and alarm systems.

Example of application:

Commerzbank tower, Frankfurt

The extension to the national headquarters for one of Germany's leading banks included a polygonal, large glazed EI 30 compartmentation facade between plaza and lobby. The plaza roof was equipped in EI 30 roof glazing in some areas to prevent flash-over to the high rise tower in the event of a fire. The atrium on level 7 features EI 30 fire-resistant glazing, with EW 30 fire-resistant glazing for the atrium on levels 19 and 31. Glazed EI 30 fire-resistant partitions incorporating single- and double-leaf fire-resistant doors were used throughout the building.