Thermal Insulation Thermal Insulation Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation

Improves the energy efficiency of domestic or commercial buildings whilst enabling the extensive use of glass and the benefit of passive solar gain.

Thermal Insulation Glass


Today's builders, regulators and wider communities are demanding more from glass. In particular, the focus on energy efficiency and tighter regulations are creating a greater need for low-emissivity (low-e) glass. Through advances in low-e glass, windows now play a big part in energy conservation and comfort, minimising heat loss and internal condensation.

With our wide range of low-emissivity glass we can meet all your energy saving requirements.

How it works

Effectively, low-emissivity glass will keep heat from entering into a building, to achieve a cooler interior than ordinary float glass. 

Low-e glass prevents heat gain into the building but yet allowing high daylight transmission thus reducing the need for artificial lighting and also reduces the costs for cooling systems. 

To enhance the properties of low-e glass, combine with solar control glass in a laminate or insulated glass units.

Our Range

A solution for any energy-efficient requirement:

The ideal glazing solution often balances both solar and low emissivity performance in an insulating glass unit:

  • by using a single glass which provides both solar control and low-emissivity on one pane of an insulating glass unit
  • by using both a solar control glass and a separate low-emissivity glass within an insulating glass unit.