Pilkington Plateau™

Pilkington Plateau™


High quality based float glass made to extremely tight tolerances, giving the glass a special flatness demanded by the acrylic casting industry as well as other uses. It is offered in a range of different finishes, clear, satin and textured, to provide a variety of cast acrylic sheet surface finishes. 

The standard thicknesses for Pilkington Plateau™ are 8 mm, 10 mm and 12 mm in both annealed and toughened form. Other thicknesses are also available on request.


Pilkington Plateau™ is ideal for acrylic casting and industrial applications.


  • High quality base float glass manufactured to strict flatness tolerances
  • Glass thickness tolerance maintained at a high level along with the wedge of the glass to provide a high tolerance glass mould
  • High strength glass (toughened) ensuring safety during use and longevity of the mould
  • Specially designed manufacturing system to ensure the best quality during production
  • Precision processing to ensure that the required high quality finish is maintained with minimal surface defects
  • High level of quality control ensured - each sheet of glass inspected for surface defects and uniform plate shape
  • Automatic shape measuring machine used for pairing of similar glasses ensuring manufacture of high quality and tight tolerance acrylic sheets
  • Pairing and plate data supplied to allow repair of damaged glass
  • Can be made with a satin or silk etched surface to offer alternative surface finish; 6 mm patterned glass also available as alternatives
  • Edge finish developed as a C profile to ensure longevity of the glass during manufacture and reduce damage to glass edges.