Glass Fire Corridor

The provision of escape routes or the subdivision of areas within a building can save lives and business essential areas from fire. Containing a fire to a specific area can mean the difference between losing the building and being able to continue business with minimal damage. Corridors and compartments need not be gloomy artificially lit areas, glass can be used to allow light and vision with predictable fire performance.

NSG Group's range of fire rated products allows designers to keep the openness of the internal structure and provide passive fire protection for the required period. In the event of fire, Pilkington Pyrostop® turns opaque, blocks out the fire, holds back flames and smoke, and forms an effective heat barrier that limits heat transfer to the protected side. Pilkington Pyrodur® is based on the same fire protection technology, providing integrity performance up to 60 minutes, full radiant heat protection, and a measure of insulation for 15 minutes. Common applications are for between 30 and 120 minutes of protection. For longer periods please contact our technical advisory service. It is essential that the glass products are used and fitted into an integrated tested assembly to ensure that all the elements work together. We have carried out numerous tests in timber, steel, doors, screens and even with glass overhead to ensure that there is a product to suit nearly every application.

All of the Pilkington fire rated glass products can be used in areas where extra features such as sprinklers are used.

Fire routes not only let people escape but can also allow the emergency services in to get to the critical areas.

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