NSG TEC™ Product Range

Each of our products within the NSG TEC™ range is targeted at a particular thin film photovoltaic technology. 
The NSG TEC™ descriptive names indicate the technology to which the products are most suited as well as the corresponding technical values.  

Higher haze values are desirable for thin film silicon technologies which benefit from the light trapping effect from light scattering TCO glass. Alternatively, other thin film photovoltaics like CdTe, offer good light absorption and do not benefit from a light scattering TCO glass.  A smooth TCO glass with a low haze value will be required for those thin film technologies. All of our NSG TEC™ products includes a sodium barrier layer which gives the product stability throughout the thin film photovoltaics manufacturing process and throughout the lifetime of the solar module.


NSG TEC™ Sodium Block is used for CIS/CIGS applications. It includes a sodium barrier layer, which offers manufacturers improved product stability and increased process throughput. Low iron NSG TEC™ Sodium Block is used as substrate for solar mirrors in concentrated solar power applications.  The sodium barrier layer offers improved product shelf-life and durability and can offer solar mirror manufacturers improved stability.

The properties of our main NSG TEC™ products are summarised in the table below: