Concentrated Solar Power Technology

Characteristics of concentrated solar power technology

Concentrated solar power technology uses solar mirrors to concentrate sunlight.

The concentrated sunlight can either be directed onto a heat transfer material which generates electricity through a turbine, or onto a very high performance photovoltaic cell, which converts it into electricity. Concentrated solar power systems require direct sunlight and they generally follow the sun's path during the day through an axis tracking system. Typical examples are parabolic troughs and heliostat power towers.

The high performance solar mirrors are manufactured using metallic reflective coatings and weather protective paints deposited onto very high performance low iron float glass.

Since the sunlight has to travel through the low iron glass twice before reaching the heat transfer material, very high light transmittance, low absorptance glass such as Pilkington Optiwhite™ S, Pilkington Microwhite™ or low iron NSG TEC™ Sodium Block is required for this application.

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