Photovoltaics and the Environment

Photovoltaics, an environmentally friendly energy supply

Solar energy is the main source of energy on earth. Solar panels can harness this renewable energy directly and generate electricity or heat. Solar panels are environmentally friendly and reliable. Glass is an integral part of most solar technologies, playing a functional role in ensuring efficient and effective solar energy conversion.

Greenhouse gas emissions for
electricity supplies (g/kWh of CO2)


Photovoltaic modules can convert solar energy directly into electricity and will typically produce enough power in around two years to offset the energy used in manufacture. In other words, for a thirty year expected life time, a solar panel can produce over 15 times the amount of energy used to make it. Solar energy is not only a renewable source of energy, it also has a very low carbon footprint.

The NSG Group is fully committed to sustainability with policies underlining the unique contribution our products can make to addressing climate change and the challenges we face in improving our own energy usage and resource management. For additional information on the NSG Group sustainability commitment, visit our sustainability site

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