Pilkington Profilit™ 2 plus one

Pilkington Profilit™ „2 plus one” system based on the new Pilkington Profilit™ series 164 for installation of triple- and multiple glazing.

We would like to draw your attention to two setups with Pilkington Profilit™ „2 plus one“ which point out the very interesting and broad performance spectrum of this system:

1. Pilkington Profilit™ „2 plus one“ with Plus 1,7 coatings on positions 3 and 5.

With this simple setup a Ug-value of 1.1 W/m²K can be achieved while remaining a maximum of light transmission and translucency.

2. Pilkington Profilit™ „2 plus one“ with Plus 1,7 coating on position 5 and TIM in the outer cavity.

This combination offers an optimum heat insulation with a Ug-value of 0.80 W/m²K.

Pilkinton Profilit 2 plus one