Building Regulations for Architects

Building Reg Documents

Building Regulations (sometimes known as building standards) define how a new building or alteration is to be constructed. The regulations cover a number of areas including:

  • Safety
  • Fire risk
  • Energy efficiency
  • Accessibility
  • Ventilation

Building Regulations approval may be required even if Planning Permission is not.
In England and Wales as well as Scotland, approval is granted by the building control officers of local authorities. They are generally separate from the planning officials. You can also discuss the suitability of various building elements with building control to ensure the design is compliant in all respects. 

Once approval has been given and work started, the local building inspector may inspect the site at specific stages and make recommendations as the work progresses. The most common inspection is at the foundation stage - before the concrete is poured. If the inspector deems that the planned depth is insufficient or that the subsoil is infirm, they can insist the foundations are deepened before the concrete is laid.

Even though the alterations you propose may not require either planning or building control approval, you may still be required to meet the Building Regulations appropriate to the changes. Advice should be sought from your local Building Control office.

Building Regulations have three main purposes:
1. To ensure the health and safety of people in and around buildings.
2. The conservation of energy.
3. Access and facilities for disabled people.

Revisions to Documents K & N

Building Regulations Approved Document K (Protection from falling collision and impact) and Document N (Glazing safety) are being revised and combined. This is an opportunity to bring them up to date with the correct references to current European standards. The proposed changes are not expected to be controversial or to increase the costs of compliance.

To see the regulations that are in consultation click here.

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View the latest information on building regulations in England, Wales and Scotland below:



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part L bulletin

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