About Fire Protection

About Fire Protection

Transparent solutions for protection of human life and property

Thanks to the continuous development and refinement of Pilkington fire rated glass products, modern glass architecture can implement its values and principles of transparency and openness. A major role with it's market leading product is Pilkington Pyrostop®. Today, the brand looks back on more than three decades of innovation, product development, testing, and expertise.

Milestones in Product Development and Application


The market launched the world's first multi-laminate fire resistance glass,
Pilkington Pyrostop® in Germany.



The development of fire rated glass types for the fire resistant roof system which captured the requirements for safety, solar control, and thermal insulation.



There were considerable reductions in the thickness and weight of the fire resistant glass. There was an increase in the maximum pane dimensions, high performance fire rated glass combinations for the facade, and the development of glass types for Europe and North America to meet the building code requirements.



Pilkington Pyrostop® became part of more than 200 globally tested and approved system designs using fire rated glass.

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