Cooling buildings without warming the planet

Air-conditioning in large buildings is a necessity today. The demand for it will increase into the future, due not only to the increasing numbers of people working in large buildings, but also because of rising external temperatures and higher expectations of comfort.

Air-conditioning makes a positive contribution to the working conditions experienced by Europe’s workforce, to the economy, and to quality of life. The trick is to keep its overall CO2 output to a minimum.

This can be achieved by increasing the efficiency of air-conditioning systems. Manufacturers are investing in this with admirable results.

The other important thing we can do is make sure that air conditioning systems don’t work overtime fighting the sun’s natural heat when this can be avoided.

This is where solar control glass comes in. It lets in the sunlight but keeps out much of the heat. Use of such glass saves huge amounts of energy, as the study we present in this brochure demonstrates.