Colour Swatch & Performance Data

* Disclaimer:

The colours we display on our website are for reference only. Although they are close interpretation to the actual colours of the glass, they are not 100% accurate, and they may vary depending on each computer setting.

Pilkington Spectrum is our glass performance model; this application enables you to quickly and efficiently calculate key properties of insulating glass units without the need to construct and measure them.

Help & Instructions

Our Colour Swatch & Performance Data program is divided into two sections. 'Product Details' shows the colour and performance data of our products and 'Interactive Building' allows you to view their colour in application. Either can be accessed by clicking the tabs at the top of the screen.*

When the product range dropdown box is visible on the right-hand side, you can use it to switch between the product ranges:

Product Details

Click the product thumbnail(s) that appear across the bottom of the screen to view the colour and performance data table for each product.

Interactive Building

Click the product thumbnail(s) on the right-hand side menu to view the colour in application. You can revert back to the normal state of the building before the colour was applied by clicking the product thumbnail(s)
a second time.