Multi Occupancy Buildings

Multi Occupancy Buildings

multi-occupancy buildings combine under one roof what can be stark contrast in use. Production and event areas are adjacent to each other or even incorporated; laboratories are arranged right next to training and catering zones, or sales areas merge almost seamlessly with high-bay warehouses. Transparent fire-resistant glazings can be used as effective, see through partitioning between the various areas with their differing risk levels, whilst at the same time maintaining the visual contact between the individual zones.

Example of application:

Martin Braun KG, Hannover

The "Centre of Excellence" of a leading manufacturer of additives for bakery products has placed a high-tech production and demonstration zone encased in glazing right in the heart of a brick building. It is placed directly next to a laboratory together with offices, training and event rooms. All adjoining zones face the production and demonstration facility. This has been made possible in terms of fire protection thanks to extensive use of EI 30 fire-resistant glazing, which keeps the adjoining escape routes accessible for sufficiently long periods of time in the event of a fire. Transparent escape route access points throughout the building are used to form the required fire and smoke zones.

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